Site Logo

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Site logo component is used to provide a logo for the site. Logo consists of flame, text and link.

# Example

    <hy-site-logo color="black" size="64" url="" label="Helsingin yliopisto" />
    <div style="background-color: black; padding: 20px;">
      <hy-site-logo color="white" size="32" url="" label="University of Helsinki" />

# Properties

Property Attribute Description Type Default
color color black or white \| ColorVariant.white
label label Label for the site logo. string undefined
size size 32 or 64 SiteLogoSize.big \| SiteLogoSize.small SiteLogoSize.big
url url URL which will be redirected when logo is clicked. string undefined

# Dependencies

# Used by

# Depends on

Helsinki University Design System