General list item

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General list item. Used in a general list component.

# Examples

      description="The main research theme in the Plant Virology Group is to elucidate how plants defend against virus infections and how viruses circumvent or suppress host defence"
      image-alt="Image alt text"
      item-title="Plant Pathology and Virology"
      label="Research group"

# Properties

Property Attribute Description Type Default
description description 'description' string undefined
imageAlt image-alt 'image alt' string ''
imageUrl image-url 'image url' string null
itemTitle item-title 'title' string undefined
label label 'label (category) shown on top of an image' string undefined
type type 'type' string undefined
url url 'url' string undefined
target target If true, will set link target to _blank boolean true
date date 'date' string ''
disableLazy disable-lazy Disable image lazy-load boolean false
subLabel sub-label 'sub-label' string ''
tag tag 'tag' string ''

# Dependencies

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