Link list

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Link lists are used in 2-column paragraphs in the secondary column.

# Examples

  list-heading="link list heading number one"
  {"heading":"Some link title","ariaLabel":"Opetusta", "url":"","isExternal":"true"},
  {"heading":"Example link label one","ariaLabel":"Opetusta", "url":"","isExternal":"false"},
  {"heading":"Second very long link list label example that extends to another line","ariaLabel":"Opetusta", "url":"","isExternal":"true"},
  {"heading":"Example link label three","ariaLabel":"Opetusta", "url":"","isExternal":"false"}]'

# Properties

Property Attribute Description Type Default
dataItems data-items A set of links CtaLinkValue[] \| string undefined
listHeading list-heading List title (optional) string ''

# Dependencies

# Depends on

Helsinki University Design System